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Local indie filmmaker, Kareem N. Gray, will challenge moviegoers to question the unthinkable when it comes to artificial intelligence with the screenings of his film, ZERO ONE Click here to view the trailer. An award-winning science- fiction feature film, the story line follows the talented yet troubled life of Devon Owens who unlocks a powerful artificial intelligence program named 01. Through their intense interaction and questionable camaraderie, Devon’s humanity is dramatically challenged as he travels on a journey towards the horrific truth about the inevitable fate of mankind in the grasp of sentient technology.

“With ZERO ONE, Kareem makes you believe the unthinkable can happen,” said Carolyn Hodge, award-winning Texas producer and director and president of the Dallas Screenwriters Association. “Not only are you engaged during the entire film, but you’re on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next moment to happen. Look for this filmmaker to be a major force in the indie world and beyond.”

ZERO ONE was written, directed and produced by Carrollton-based filmmaker, Kareem N. Gray, managing director of Grey Area FilmWorks LLC. He was inspired to write the script from a simple question he asked himself: “If I had the ability to save the world at a great personal cost, would I do it?”

“I wanted to discuss the state of disconnect in our society, and how this digital world we now live in affects our interaction with and perceptions of our fellow humans,” said Gray. “I needed to explore my observations and frustrations with social media, and the dangers of always being digitally ‘connected’. Film was the perfect medium to share these thoughts and package them in an entertaining and thought-provoking film.”

“I had known Kareem for several years before I came on board as his unit production manager for ZERO ONE,” said Hodge. “After I read the script and realized how powerful the story is, I knew I wanted to be part of this journey. Kareem has the heart and soul of a creative story teller.”

 ZERO ONE will screen for audiences three nights only in Carrollton, on March 24, 25 and 26, with post commentary from Gray. Seats are limited and must be reserved for the public viewings, so please RSVP.

In addition, local indie filmmakers Geoff McGee and Derek Presley’s short film, STRYNGS, will make it’s first local premiere as the opening feature to ZERO ONE. Shot on 35-MM FILM, STRYNGS is a fantastical tale of life and death as seen through the eyes of dying puppeteer, Ambrosio the Great. To learn more about McGee and STRYNGS, please visit http://spidercirclefilms.com/ and the trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=HSI0DcMQEEA.

To view the screenings schedule at the Carrollton-based Venetian Theaters Movie Bar and Grill, please visit http://www.vmoviegrill.com/Events/ZeroOne/ For additional information about the filmmaker, please visit the following sites: www.facebook.com/kareem.gray and www.twitter.com/Kasaar.

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