Where to donate for the holidays: A list of anti-trafficking orgs by state

NOT for sale human trafficking by Ira Gelb

Image: creative commons license, NOT for Sale by Ira Gelb

Want to donate to a good cause this holiday season, but not sure where?

Here’s a list of organizations and coalitions that support victims of human trafficking, raise awareness, and fight to stop the problem. They’re at work either internationally, nationwide, or in your home state.

This list is not definitive. I chose one organization from each state, which means some amazing people have been left off. However, this list does provide a convenient quick-reference for the do-gooder who doesn’t have time to research where they can do the most good in their area. Also, keep in mind that just because an organization is listed under a specific state, that doesn’t mean they don’t work nationally, or even internationally. Sometimes, the state listed is just where they’re based.

Some states don’t have easy-to-find resources. In such cases, I’ve grouped them in with another nearby state. You can also opt for supporting a national or international organization.

International — Polaris Project
Ah, good old Polaris Project. They’re one of the most well-known anti-human organizations in the country, if not the world, and run the National Human Trafficking Resource Center and hotline, where victims and survivors can call for help anytime, day or night.

Alabama — The Wellhouse

Alaska — The Salvation Army, Alaska Division

Arizona — Arizona League to End Regional Trafficking (ALERT)

Arkansas — P.A.T.H.

California — Not For Sale

Colorado — Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking

Connecticut — Love146

Delaware — Safe Horizon

Florida — Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking

Georgia — Out of Darkness

Hawaii — Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery

Idaho — Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence

Illinois — End Demand Illinois

Indiana — The Julian Center

Iowa — See Minnesota, Illinois, and Wisconsin

Kansas — Exodus Cry

Kentucky — Rescue and Restore

Louisiana — Louisiana Coalition Against Human Trafficking

Maine — Maine Sex Trafficking and Exploitation Network

Maryland — Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Massachusetts — My Life, My Choice

Michigan —Michigan Abolitionist Project

Minnesota — Breaking Free

Mississippi — The Center for Violence Prevention

Missouri — The Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition

Montana — See Idaho, South Dakota and Colorado

Nebraska — Tiny Hands International

Nevada — Purple Wings

New Hampshire — New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

New Jersey — New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking

New Mexico — The Life Link

New York — Sex Workers Project

North Carolina — Transforming Hope

North Dakota — See South Dakota

Ohio — Central Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition

Oklahoma — Never For Sale

Oregon — Abolition Now

Pennsylvania — The Project to End Human Trafficking

Rhode Island — Family Service of Rhode Island

South Carolina — The Lowcountry Coalition Against Human Trafficking

South Dakota — Be Free

Tennessee — End Slavery Tennessee

Texas — United Against Human Trafficking

Utah — See Colorado or Nevada

Vermont — Give Way to Freedom

Virginia — Richmond Justice Initiative

Washington — Washington Anti-Trafficking Response Network

Washington, DC — Courtney’s House

West Virginia — The Salvation Army, Maryland/West Virginia Division

Wisconsin — Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Wyoming — See Colorado and South Dakota
L. Marrick is a fiction writer and freelance copywriter. 50% of proceeds from her book Working Girl, a memoir of her time working for a professional escort, go to anti-trafficking non-profits. She waxes poetic about swords and the Renaissance Faire at her author blog. She looks all professional-like at her copywriting site. You can connect with her on Facebook and Twitter @LMarrick.

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