The Dentist Makes Me Neurotic…How About You?

by Jenny Hansen

Photo by Lynn Kelley ~ WANA Commons

Photo by Lynn Kelley ~ WANA Commons

My biggest fear (after plummeting to my death from great heights) is going to the dentist.

After $50K in dental work, you’d think I would sail through my appointments like a pro. Not so much…

Instead, I am a pro at “dental avoidance behavior.”

I’m a sad, pitiful case and the dental staff knows it. I have no idea if they call everyone else TWICE to remind them of their appointments, but they do with me. And I’m pretty sure both my dentists (yes, I have two) and their staff hate to see my name on their roster because I’m a neurotic mess the whole time I’m in their chair.

To be fair, I’m better than I used to be. They used to have to give me the gas just for a routine cleaning. Now I just need my iPod and my knitting to keep me distracted.

Here’s a timeline of my last dental appointment:

Tuesday afternoon: I get a call from the periodontist’s office to confirm my appointment for Wednesday at 8 am.

Me: WTF?? I have a dentist appointment tomorrow?! And it’s with the gum people *blood pounds in head* – they’ll poke me with that metal death hook and check me for POCKETS.

To the dental lady: I’m having some babysitting issues right now. Let me check to be sure I have coverage tomorrow. I’ll call you back if I have to cancel.

Dental lady: But we called you last week to confirm…

Me: Don’t you know I banish you people from my memory? *sweating*I’ll call you back today if I can’t get it resolved.

I dialed my neighbor thinking, “Please don’t be free, please don’t be free…”

Of course she was free. And delighted to watch Baby Girl for an hour while I went to the Gum Sadists.

I was feeling kind of woozy by the time all the calls were over, so I ducked into Starbucks for some afternoon latte therapy. Then I called my husband.

Me: I have to go to the periodontist tomorrow!

Him: You go every three months. I don’t know why it’s always a surprise.

Me: Because I block it out! Why do I have to be such a plaque-y beast?? *dramatic sigh* Other people who LIKE the dentist don’t have to go that often.

Him: I thought you liked these guys.

Me: Get with the program, Honey! It doesn’t matter if they’re nice guys, they’re DENTISTS. They have scrape-y jobbers and sucky things. And DRILLS.

Him: *Laughing* Sucky things?


Him: You’re getting a cleaning. They’re not going to use a drill.

Me: But it will be IN THE ROOM…

Him: I’m going back to work now. I’ll put out the iPod charger when I get home.**

** Remember the iPod and the knitting? Hubby knows there is no way I can last through a dentist appointment without some really loud music to drown out the scraping. No iPod means I start crying like a baby for the gas.

I’ve gotten a lot better over the years…at least now I go. And both of my dentists are very nice men who speak to me like they would to a cornered animal. These smart guys know I’m like an elephant when it comes to oral health: my memory for dental torture is detailed and long.

Do you have any phobias that turn you into a white-knuckled mess? Do you adore going to the dentist (like my bizarre BFF)? Or, like me, do you despise all things dental? Continue the discussion at the #SocialIn hashtag on Twitter or SocialInDC on Facebook.

~ Jenny


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