Serving Up a Tasty Dish with “Hannibal”

A Review of the NBC Drama “Hannibal” by Tiffany A. White One of the most fascinating and chilling characters in literary and cinematic history has come to TV—Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Only this time, audiences will get to experience more [...]

Struck by “Arrow”

A Review of the CW Superhero Drama “Arrow” by Tiffany A. White We all know how much of a success Smallville was; heck, it lasted ten seasons on the CW. Fighting crime alongside Clark (aka The Blur; aka Superman, played by Tom Welling) [...]

Revving Up For NASCAR 2013

You can almost hear the cherished words we have been patiently waiting, anticipating for since when the almost ‘Cinderella Story’ David Keselowski, was named NASCAR Nextel Champion of 2012 by defeating the 5 Time Champ, Goliath, Jimmy Johnson. [...]