How the Wonder Woman Pose Can Change Your Life

by Jenny Hansen

I always thought it was the magic bracelets that gave Wonder Woman her power, or perhaps those star-spangled Patriot Panties. Plus she has the Golden Lasso of Truth and those hot red leather go-go boots. Apparently, I’ve been deluded all this time.

According to Harvard professor, Amy Cuddy, the source of the Wonder Chick’s power comes from her kickass stance and her ability to “get bigger.” Wonder Woman Stance Wonder-Woman-Flying

Whether she was running, flying, fighting or defending, DC Comics gave Wonder Woman some powerful body language, along with those groovy muscles. Cuddy believes you can channel that power into your own life through the use of body language.

Watch the TED talk. Stand like Wonder Woman. And if you need more inspiration for the New Year, take a gander at my post over at Writers In the Storm. 🙂


Happy 2016, y’all! May this be our best year together ever here at the Social In Network. 

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~ Jenny

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