Hilarious New Mom-Centric Book By Paige Kellerman


At Least My Belly Hides My Cankles is a hilarious book of mostly-true tales of an impending miracle. Paige Kellerman give you a laugh a minute as she recounts her time when she was pregnant with twins. Paige is the kind of writer that could make toilet paper shopping hilarious. Her self-deprecating humor and witty quips will keep you giggling and nodding your head in empathy.

The book is divided into essays about different topics, with funny subjects such as:

Peeing on the Stick,
Alcohol is Only Overrated if You Hate Fun
Crying, and Other Ways to Lighten the Mood.
Stretch Marks.
Anything You Can Do…I Probably Can’t.
You Can’t Wear A Pup Tent,
and then finally, “The Blessed Event–It’s Raining Drugs.

If you are pregnant, know someone who’s pregnant, are attached to someone who’s pregnant, or like laughing about pregnancy, then you have to read it.

Right this way for a lovely print version on Amazon.

If you’d love one for your Kindle, take my hand and jump over here.

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