Dallas, Texas resident Brocka launches her first EP: Body Politic

The Dallas based singer-dancer debuts an intense 6-song set. The mellow pop is highlighted with cello, bass guitar, tempered bass, and electronic dance sounds.
From start to finish, the sound is a roller coaster of moods. Each song stands on its own, with topics ranging from evolution, to the U.S. military, to the ubiquitous broken heart lyrics.
This variety is used to highlight her influence and taste, while building anticipation for where the next set of sounds and lyrics might take us.
Her vocals are reminiscent of Dido and a little Natalie Merchant.
The style is ethereal and artistic, evoking Bjork and Portishead.
Check out her first music video (downloadable for free on her website), and subscribe to her channel for those upcoming videos
Hear, See, and Download the whole 6 song set
Twitter @BrockaMusic
FB facebook.com/BrockaMusic
Instagram @conservexx

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